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John Deere introduce is new D series Graders has the best 6 motor wheel Graders.
John Deere D Series Grader           The 872D: A John-Deere D Series Grader

The John Deere Grader models, 672D, 772D and 872D bring forward the following innovations:

-The EBS innovative transmissions with event-guided selection detect the load all in adapting automatically the clutch for ultra soft speed shifting.

-The motor wheels double tracks hydrostatic system ensure greater response and put even more power on ground to help grader moving matter.

-The certified Level II John Deere Power Tech engine provides impressive couple elevation and peek power to grow the best low speed traction strength all in optimizing grader consumption.

-The improvements bring to the pourer shape, to the superior spacing and to the stretcher geometry, favours a better matter rolling across the grader blade.

The three John Deere D Series 6 motor wheels Graders

With the 872D 245 hp 42240 lb Grader introduction, John Deere offers the choice of three 6 motor wheels Graders.

The 6 motor wheels Graders makes working all the machine weight, which make the John Deere 672D, 772D and 872D Graders more productive for all kinds of application, even for fine grading. These 6 motor wheels Graders makes all more easily and with less passing than conventional graders. Thanks to the pumps, to the engines and to the self-supported detectors on each side, the wheels never stole power between them. The power managing exclusive system balances the demand between grader front wheels and rear wheels.

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John Deere D Series Graders

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