Eco-Trak Summit Chargeurs

  • Eco-Trak Summit Chargeurs


Category Scale
Brand Eco-Trak
model Summit Chargeurs
Year 2022
SAAQ Inspected
Stock number
Serial number
Postal code G3M 1Z7


On-Board Scale for Front Loader, Allowing Weight analysis in MOTION!

The SUMMIT loader scale allows you to know the weight of your total load at all times. Therefore, no more adding and subtracting. It will increase your profitability and maximize your return on investment. Designed in our new research and development center, the SUMMIT incorporates the highest performance components available. Compact, it doesn’t obstruct the operator’s vision. Intuitive, it allows a quick understanding, thus optimizing your working time. Its color screen allows easy understanding of the functions, while making it pleasant to use. The angle sensors allows you to know at all times the weight in the bucket, in order to finalize loading quickly. They also allow better accuracy when loading in slope. As a bonus, you will not have to worry about additions and subtractions anymore since they are obsolete with the SUMMIT. You always have the desired result on screen: the weight in the bucket, the weight in the truck and the weight of the total load (truck + bucket). Generally, our customers do more loads than with any other device. Who says more loads says more profit for you. Call us for a demonstration.

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