Eco-Trak Guide-Pro Creusage

  • Eco-Trak Guide-Pro Creusage


Category Control Unit
Brand Eco-Trak
model Guide-Pro Creusage
Year 2022
SAAQ Inspected
Stock number
Serial number
Postal code G3M 1Z7


ECO-TRAK GUIDE-PRO: Excavation System for Excavator or Backhoe.

Making a safety tool profitable. That was the mission of the company when designing this powerful tool. We have pushed the engineering of conventional systems to its limits in order to create a product that would amortize your investment. Our clients are unanimous: productivity and profitability are significantly increased with the GUIDE-PRO. The GUIDE-PRO is an extension of the range limiting device. It uses the same monitor and allows you to simultaneously use the safety and excavating functions. The basis of the system is technically similar to the geolocation system. There are three sensors installed on the excavator to measure the displacement of the bucket teeth, no matter the positions of the arrow or the bucket. Laser reference Assistant to the GUIDE-PRO, the laser reference allows you to move everywhere within the limit of your transmitter. Thus, it is possible to know the exact position of the bucket tooth at all times, according to its predefined position.

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